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My name is skullstho (skulls Tho) and I'm a full time creative.

I am most well known for my multimedia content on Twitch and Youtube. I am an English speaking Virtual Streamer (vtuber or vstreamer) with a heavy focus on art, creativity, and indie games.

I've worked in illustration, graphic design, video editing, writing, and cosplay. Basically: a content creator.
I'm a transmasculine, nonbinary person.

My pronouns are He/They. I'm also a Capricorn (Gemini Rising), an American in Australia, and an Occultist.

As an artist I specialize in line heavy illustration with a focus on macabre and occult designs.

I aim to create work that connects people to communities, stories, and images they love.


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Terms and Conditions

Table of Contents:
I: General
II: Work Progress, Revisions, and Deadlines
III: Adult Content
IV: Payments and Refunds
V: Image Rights

Artist Contact info:

Title any emails regarding commissions as [Your Name] - [Commission]

SUBJECT: Pamela Isley – Commission

Other forms of contact:
For professional use only: @skullstho on Telegram.

Artist: The Individual producing the Commission (“Skullstho”).
Client: The individual purchasing the Commission.
Commission: The form of service provided by the Artist to the Client per the Commission Agreement. “Commission,” “Art[work],” “Image[ry],” and “Project[s]” are used interchangeably herein and in Commission correspondence.
Personal: Also known as: Non-commercial.
Work used for non-commercial purposes including being displayed in your home, for a character sheet, or as an avatar on websites.
Commercial: Work used for the purpose of advertising a business or being printed and sold for profit (including t-shirts, prints, used for merchandising).

Required information from the Client:
1. At least two forms of communication including:
Email Address
Other forms of communication such as:
Please note one email address is required to proceed with the commission.
2. Relevant information about the commission:
-What would you like the commission for (personal or commercial). If the work is to be used for commercial purposes you must express this before the commission is started. Additional fees will apply for commercial work.
3. What sizes you would like (twitter icon, Facebook cover photo, A4, A5, 1000 x 1000 px. , etc).
4. Reference images to characters, photos of people or pets, etc.
Reference material is mandatory unless full creative discretion is left to the artist.
5. Detailed description of what you would like from the commission. (Poses, colors, mood, and any other relevant descriptive information you think is necessary to create the commission).

I. General
1. By ordering a commission you agree to these terms.
2. The artist reserves the right to decline commissions and offers for work.
3. The artist reserves the right to stop work and cancel a commission due to poor communication, rude/unprofessional behavior, an inability to effectively communicate in English, or a breach of these Terms and Conditions.
4. The Client will not permit any intentional destruction, damage or modification to the Commission.
(This means you will not alter or modify the original art without discussion and consent from the artist. This does not include resizing or cropping for online avatars).

II. Work Progress, Revisions, and Deadlines
1. Commission updates can be followed on my Trello Board. Click Here
2. Please note that listings on Trello do not indicate a queue or work order.
3.Commissions may take up to 2 months or more depending on size and scale.
4. A sketch will be presented to the client with a watermark. This is when revisions should be discussed and payment is to be sent.
5. The Client is offered one revision, free of charge. All other revisions will incur additional fees.
6. A single work in progress image (in addition to the initial sketch) may be requested.
7. Deadlines may be possible, but will incur additional fees. Deadlines are to be discussed BEFORE a Commission begins.
8. If the Commission is requested by two or more people: The Client must pick one representative to take responsibility for communication and payment. The Artist will not engage in communication with, or accept payment from, multiple parties.
9. Live streams, timelapse videos, and other parts of the creation process offered online are not to be used by the client without permission from the artist.

III. Adult Content
1. Any commission asking for adult (18+) content is to be asked for and paid for by an adult.
2. If there is any suspicion that the client is under 18, the commission will be canceled and refunded entirely.
3. The Artist does not do adult work involving: hyper inflation, scat, water-sports, minors, and vore.
4. All characters depicted in adult work are 18 or older.

IV. Payment and Refunds

1. Full payment (100%) for the commission is required upfront after the sketch shown to the client is approved.
2. Payments will be invoiced to the client’s listed email address. They cannot be sent any other way.
3. All invoices must be paid within 15 days of receiving them, unless agreed otherwise. Invoices past the due date with no contact or payment agreement (along with the commission attached to them) will be canceled.
4. Price varies based on the size and scale of the commission.
5. Partial or full refunds may be offered before the commission is finished, depending on work already completed. No refunds can be offered on finished images.
6. Payment and pricing will be in Australian Dollars (AUD).

V. Image Rights
1. The artist retains all rights to created artwork. I reserve the right to repost, use, and display all created art.
2. I do not own or claim the copyright to intellectual properties used in creating the commission.
3. Any changes to licensing and rights must be discussed before work begins on the commission and may change pricing.

What the artist likes to work on:
1. Art depicting characters (people, pets, fursonas, original characters, fan art).
2. Logos and merchandise designs including but not limited to:
-Emotes, Badges, and Overlays (Discord, Twitch, Youtube, etc).
3. Portraits

What the Artist will not work on:
-Anything depicting hateful, racist, or bigoted imagery.
-Work depicting living people in sexual situations without their consent.
-Anything else the artist deems unacceptable.